Computer Science as a Major

Although computer Science is a relevant field because of how it has changed the way man, male and female, work, I think that it is more so relevant because of its moral implications. In explication, I can say with confidence that programming is something that I can do, and if academia is a method of weighing the scales of skill, then I can say with confidence that I am among the skilled programmers. Having said that, I think that more important than doing an assignment or a job is understanding why a task is right or wrong, morally. Furthermore, I consider the freedom of expression in understanding morality with Biblical grounding a privilege, so pursuing happiness is a process of gradual self-improvemen. In the context of morality, I think that studying computer science has potential for much good or much evil.

While programming is a single aspect of computer science that should be learned by anyone studying this field, I also think that the traditional liberal arts should be its basis. Technically speaking, it is. In particular, mathematics is closely related to computer science. Historically, computing is considered a description of the deductive logic that laymen and scholars are aware of in various respects. Further, I think that saying computer science is more than deductive logic alone is fair; it also utilizes its counterpart that is inductive reasoning. Anyone who has written a line of usable code can tell the reader that symbols are important for programming.

For example:

x = 1

This “x” is assigned the unitless value “1,” and it can be further understood as a variable in that it can change.

To continue:

y = 2
z = x + y
x = z - y.

These lines of code illustrate the point that general ideas brought together with specifics quantify as applications. Hence, the purpose of computer science is very much interleaving theory with practice. Therefore, in some ways it involves engineering, but my program at university also includes research into the science of this field. However, there are colleges and universities that categorize this field as an engineering discipline rather than a science discipline. With that made apparent, I think that what can be said about this field is that it the truths realized from utilizing this field’s theories and practices come from God. To parphrase Pslam 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (NIV). The Bible is discussing all of creation comes from God. To interpret this, this is discussing that all truths come from him. In explication, I would say that in contemporary time many have the means for economic growth, but should also recognize that the best economic firms align with the social good. I assert that the morality of God has no superior. Therefore, there is no better reason for studying computer science than for the glorification of the Almighty God.


Author: Jonathan Kelly

For university education, Jonathan Kelly studies liberal arts and sciences. In his free time, he studies history and ethics in science fiction.

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