Week one of six in my exercise program

I have been physically training at my own volition for about nine years practicing martial arts and natural bodybuilding. A couple weeks ago, I finished five weeks of training with conditioning and weight training totalling to five or six days a week of physical training. The main results are that I have more energy and I have a bigger chest. However, I am seeking fat loss. Furthermore, I think that I do not want any more bodybuilding, but rather balance my hormones thus optimizing fat burning and muscle building components produced by the human body.

I am using the instructions of Six Pack Shortcuts that is the most popular fitness channel on YouTube. The basic principles make sense. Sleep, exercise major muscle groups, and eat healthy fats. My plan is: upper body Monday, lower body Wednesday, upper body Friday. I am doing muscle confusion for inhibiting a muscle memory plateau. The exercises Mike Chang shows that I am doing are typically compound exercises with brief rest periods, and they are tough.

During my training, the Biblical Scriptures are relevant. Paul said, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come” (NIV, 1 Tim 4:8). Paul was clarifying that the mind of Christ is more important than the flesh. Therefore, my plan consists of sanctifying myself as a temple for the Holy Spirt. Many view the natural as all that there is, and commit to exalting themselves as perfect beings of the flesh, but I think that is nonsensical. Therefore, when training, I should keep in mind that I am primarily training my mind, so that my temple is a pleasant dwelling place for the Spirit of God.