On Easter

While this might not be the exact day of the week originally believed as Christ’s resurrection, I think that reflecting on the reason for this event might encourage working for the right reasons. Forgoing the discussion of the heathen origins of the Easter bunny and the fertility cults associated with it, this comment is about the Biblical story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Technology might maximize happiness considered as pleasure in the short term as one usual result of civilization advancing technologically is replacing previous media. However, if structured by economic self-interest alone, user experiences will probably be perceived primarily as discordant rather than recognized as guided by a planned narrative. If recognized as rather lead in some way such as by a particular philosophy such as the Hegelian concept of a world spirit (8-Bit Philosophy), or Biblical theology, then work might be perceived beyond the importance of the self. In the case of Biblical theology, I think that Christ died for his friends so that his responsibility of fulfilling the law was accomplished because being the God-man, the everlasting Father gets the glory thus Christ gets the glory. However, being a man, Christ participated in lowly service so that man, both male and female, could recognize the significance of life beyond the self. Therefore, in Christ’s humility, giving God glory conquered sin thus man may live. This is the start of another week, and six of eight in my Spring term. In the case of my academic program, I should advance my projects in courses by considering the ethical significance of networks and telecommunications systems, software engineering solutions, and data structures & algorithms for more than what affects a single type of user.


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